Gemstone necklaces

A couple of weeks ago, just before school started, we went down to my parents’ holiday house for a few days. I always try to take a few beading bits and bobs when we head down there and try to make something in the evenings.

So this time around, I made two necklaces. It’s not an uncommon design, in fact if you look on Etsy, there are loads of similar necklaces. But I think they are simple, elegant necklaces that work well with both casual and dressier outfits.

The first one is made with watermelon tourmaline beads. They’re tiny, about 4mm across. I strung them onto a piece of silver wire and hung it from a fine silver chain so it would just sit at the front of the collarbone. I love the colours in watermelon tourmaline, it ranges from the darkest green through yellow, peachy pinks and then to deep pink.

I took a photo with a macro lens (on my iphone!!!) so you can see how lovely these tiny beads are!

The other necklace is made with labrodorite, a gemstone which at first glance is grey, and then you notice the flashes of blue that appear as it catches the light. Like the tourmaline necklace the tiny stones—these ones about 5mm across—are strung on silver wire and then hung on a silver chain.

Here are the labrodorite beads close up. You can see the flashes of blue against the grainy grey.

I’ve got a few beads left over so I’ll probably make some earrings to go with the two necklaces. Something delicate and sparkly to match the necklaces perhaps.

Anyway, one of these is for me, one is probably going to go to a very good friend of mine. But I haven’t yet decided which one for which…

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