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Bracelets on my mind

I’ve signed up for another challenge. This one is the Wrapped, Stacked and Layered Bracelet Challenge started over at Tracy Statler’s Make Bracelets blog and it’s all about stacking and layering bracelets to create a unique-to-you look.

The big day is 21 April, when all the participants (and there seem to be quite a few signed up!) post pics of their bracelet on their blogs.

The thing I like about layering bracelets is that it’s all about texture, mixing different beads and techniques to get an eclectic effect. Different metals, like silver, copper or brass, beads made from glass, clay, semi-precious stones, dangling charms and beads sliding along, leather, chain and fabric all mixed up together.

I’ve got a few bracelets I’ve made, and a few more that I have acquired along the way, and I’m putting together some more in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ll have a few to choose from. And I’ve been having a lovely time fossicking around the web, looking for inspiration. I think I could almost start a separate Pinterest board just for ideas!

Some of the bracelets I have already made include this wrap bracelet in the Chan Luu style. It’s made from brown leather and pink rhodonite beads and finished with an antique silver button. I’ve got earrings made out of the same pink stone too.

This one was made by knotting together a set of Gaea ceramic beads on natural leather. I finished it off with antique brass findings. But I think I need to hang something else from the closure side, to balance it a bit, as it keeps sliding around so that the pretty beads don’t keep ending up on the inside of my wrist.

Now I just have to decide whether to go for a silver bling-y effect or an antique-y boho look. Or maybe I’ll do both! See you on the 21st for the big reveal!

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