Boho bangles and bracelets

As I write, my arm is jingling with bracelets. Today is the reveal day and blog hop for Tracy Statler’s Wrapped Stacked and Layered Bracelet Challenge.

I ended up making quite a few bracelets, mostly in the last week! I do wish I had made time to make another leather wrap bracelet as I love the style. But in the end, I had bracelets aplenty for a couple of different sets. Bangles wrapped with wire and sari silk. A stretchy loop of almost iridescent Czech glass beads. A few gemstones and some lampwork beads. Brass chain and an eclectic combo of Czech crystals.

The first set, which I’m calling “Dusty Roses”, incorporates the two bracelets I showed in my last bracelet post, but I added a stretch bracelet I found among my jewellery that matches the colours really well. I also made a bangle using a Vintaj creative hoop, a gemstone nugget that could be agate or possibly quartz, and some beautiful frayed sari silk that I wrapped around the bangle and overwrapped with antique brass wire. I can see myself wearing this combination a lot with jeans.

The second set, uses more vibrant colours. I’ve called this set “Boho Peacock” for its turquoise, green, and lavender hues. It includes three bangles, a double-wrapped braid of sari silk, a stretch bracelet of iridescent Czech glass beads, and a pretty little bracelet of brass chain and Czech beads. I think this combo will be great at night.

I think the bangles also work as a set on their own. One of the bangles uses a gorgeous lampwork pillow bead from Etsy lampworker Vivian Houser. Her shop is Dragyn’s Fyre Designs. Another bangle has a small lampwork bead from Australian lampworker Angela Gensch (her Etsy shop is Genschi). The sari silk comes from another Etsy shop Designtalentedone. The gemstone nuggets in the third bangle is rainbow fluorite. And I’m not entirely sure what the faceted gemstone nugget is in the fourth bangle, but as I said above, it’s probably agate or quartz.

I have to say, I have learnt a lot while doing this challenge. My wire-wrapping skills are definitely improving. It’s been fun incorporating sari silk into my jewellery designs. And I have lots more ideas for bracelets and bracelet stacks.

Here is the list of participants in the challenge—there are almost 80! Go and have a look at what they’ve made! I know I’ll be spending a bit of time browsing these blogs tomorrow! Thanks again Tracy for this great challenge! YOU ARE HERE!!!

28 thoughts on “Boho bangles and bracelets”

  1. all the sets are really nice. & that’s the thing about wire wrapping, the more you do, the better you get, it really is that simple

  2. Those are just wonderful. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I love how you can mix and match all of them. The beads and textures and colors just play so well together.

  3. Beautiful! I really like the first and second stacks! The colors are so pretty. I love your mix of textures in all the stacks. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your pink combo. The soft color of the pink is really great. I’m really becoming a fan of the sari silk wrapped bracelets and you chose a really great color for your. Nice job.

  5. These are just lovely stacks! I honestly can’t figure out which stack I like more…I think I’d wear them all, with my mood and attire determining which I’d choose on a given day! 🙂

  6. What a fun bracelet challenge and so much creativity. They are colorful and bold pieces, I think I like the peacock one the best. I can imagine wearing that stack with a maxi dress I just picked up for the warmer weather.

  7. OK I give up, can’t pick a favourite! Lovely colour combo’s and contrasting textures, and the lampwork! I’m going off to investigate the lampwork on etsy now, PayPal be afraid!

  8. I’m just making my way down the list. Your stacks are just lovely. Though I’m not usually fond of pinks, your Dusty Rose stack is my favorite.

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