Pearl Brocade necklace

Sometimes (OK, quite often) I buy special beads and just keep them for a while, waiting for the inspiration to strike. And when it does I put the beads together in a little container so that I can find them when I have time to actually make something. I’ve got a few of those little projects waiting for me …

Here’s a necklace I finished last week for my Mother-in-law. It was supposed to be a birthday/Mother’s Day gift, but life kept getting in the way of beading.

It features a gorgeous ceramic pendant with a black and white brocade design from Peruzi. Natalie makes some lovely pendants (and cabochons too), as well as great beads. I found some freshwater pearls in the same shade of pearly white and paired them up with black Czech crystals.

I’m so glad you like it Sue! (and Mum, there’s something in the works for you coming too!)

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