Another bracelet swap

I’m really enjoying doing swaps and challenges—it gets me moving and stretching my creative muscles! And that can only be a good thing, right?

The bracelet swap I did a few weeks ago led me to another bracelet swap with another jewellery designer I met through BeadSwap-USA, Lindsay Starr. I played around with Lesley Watt’s tutorial again—I’ve got lots of ideas for using this technique! This time I used a central focal ring in copper, and beaded off both sides of it with some unusual Czech glass beads. I think it worked out really well.

Stay tuned for my post on the Double-Trouble Earring Swap! I’m just waiting to hear that my earrings have arrived in Canada—it can take so long for packages to get from one side of the world to the other! The next few swaps I’m doing are all bead-related—a flowers and leaves swap, a pendants and charms swap (both of these through BeadSwap-USA) and a Pantone colours swap through Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Cafe Facebook group.

I’m also planning to take part in a side-shoot of Diana Ptaszynski’s Mismatched Art Bead Earring Swap, and I’m tossing up whether to do a historical challenge/blog hop. Then there’s the Beading Forum‘s Designer Quest, which is due in November. I’m sure some more fun will be heading this way too, especially with Christmas looming on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Another bracelet swap”

  1. Melissa, I’m still being surprised by all the great looks that can be obtained with Lesley’s tutorial. The copper ring is beautiful paired with the colourful glass beads!

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