The next step

My kids’ school is holding a little craft market in a couple of weeks and I’ve signed up for a stall. So, that means I’ve got about 2 weeks left (!) to make as much jewellery as I possibly can. Eek!

My Mum is making some ceramic Christmas decorations—porcelain snowflakes and birds—as well as some other ceramic bits and pieces to sell at my stall too.

Here’s a sneak peek of the things I’ve been busy making this weekend … bracelets! I made TEN yesterday—those lovely colourful Czech glass ones in the photo below. And there are several with Gaea‘s lovely ceramic beads knotted on leather.

I’ve got loads of earrings too, and will be making more this week, along with some necklaces. I’ve been madly ordering supplies so that I can whip up a bunch of cute necklaces for little girls—rainbows, butterflies, hearts, lockets, mysterious keys and flowers. I’m aiming to spend no more than $2-3 on each one and with luck I can sell them for $10-15. And I’ve started working on how to display everything too.

Oh, and I’ve also come up with a name for my jewellery “business”…


What do you think? I’m hoping that if I sell some of my designs I might be brave enough to open an online store on Etsy or Madeit, or even sign up for one of the local craft markets—there’s one around the corner from us every month that could be good for a newbie like me.

9 thoughts on “The next step”

  1. I’m so excited for you! I feel the same way, about choosing a name, and opening a store. So maybe I just need to find a local craft fair to kick me into gear, huh? I love the name, and those bracelets are beautiful!

  2. Boho Bird is great! If I ever did a wholesale line, I would not use my name like I have for my website. I would want something cute and catchy. Love your bracelets you have shown. I am sure they are going to sell fast! Good luck and have fun!

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