On the first days of Christmas …

I was lucky enough to take part in Lorelei Eurto’s 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift exchange this year. The challenge was to make 11 gifts and send them to 11 recipients, in return I would get a gift from each of them. The gifts were not restricted to jewellery but they did need to be handmade by me. Starting on Chirstmas Day, each day we open a single gift assigned to that day, for a total of 12 days including our own.

Day one saw a gift from our gracious hostess, Lorelei. Due to the vagaries of two postal services, this gift arrived today, on day four, so I was lucky enough to open two gifts today! A beautiful jar of handmade spiced nuts (and my favourite combination at that!). These are coming down to the beach with me this afternoon! IMG_2832lores

I’ve already sneaked a taste and they are delicious, Lorelei, thank you so much for both the gift and the opportunity to join in the fun!

Day two was from Lisa Johnson, who sent me a fantastic pair of earrings with enamelled dangles.


Aren’t they beautiful? Thank you Lisa, I love them!

On day three, I opened a gift from Suzette Bentley, who also gifted me with a lovely pair of earrings she calls Lollipops!


Thank you Suzette, I have already worn them!

Here in Australia it is already day four and I have just opened my gift from Jodie Marshall. First of all are two chocolates, yum! And then a gorgeous knitted cuff, with a lampwork disc bead on the side. Just my colours, a rich ombré from deep pink to chocolate brown, and it fits perfectly!


Thank you Jodie! I can’t wait to wear this!

I will be away with my family for the next few days and taking my little pile of gifts with me, so I will post an update on the presents I have received toward the end of next week.

1 thought on “On the first days of Christmas …”

  1. what a lovely idea – making 12 other gifts for other ppl.. yet receive 12 yourself.. just love that idea 🙂
    what lovely gifts you have too – oh enjoy! Happy New year Mel, to you and your family.. safe travels and enjoy your holiday 🙂

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