Christmas gifts for the family

Since I started making jewellery a couple of years ago, I have made jewellery for various family members as part of their Christmas gifts. This year, I made bracelets for my Mum and my Mother in law, as well as my sister and my sister in law.

The two bracelets for Mum and my MIL Sue were very much in the style of the bracelets I have been making recently, combining Czech and other glass beads with brass or copper findings to make a simple colourful bracelet. I really love the two-tone smooth nugget beads I used in these bracelets—I got them from a local bead shop that sadly is going out of business (so I bought as many as I could get!)—apparently they are West German glass. Mum’s uses green and orange tones, while the one for Sue was made using soft lavenders and plums.

Mum and Sue collage

The bracelets I made for my sister and sister in law I strung onto waxed linen rather than beading wire for a more organic look. My sister’s contains little chips of amber and some copper beads, while the one for my SIL has bright pops of red highlighting the earthy green Czech beads.

Em and Heidi collage

For my husband and my brother in law, I made cufflinks, using vintage-style scrapbook paper. My brother in law is half South African and half Australian, so I used images of old maps to make his pair, while my husband’s pair has a musical theme. It’s the first time I’ve played with resin since I took a class a little over a year ago, so I was a bit nervous, but it seems that it worked well.

cufflinks collage

I ran out of time to make my daughters some jewellery, so that will be our school holiday project!

Oh, and I must show you these! My mum is a potter and in the last year or so she has been dabbling in bead and pendant making. For Christmas I received several little baggies of beads from her, and they are so sweet! I also have a bag of tiny porcelain owl beads from Mum that I want to play with this summer, perhaps adding a sheen of gilders paste to perk them up!

Mumbeads collage

Thanks Mum! I can see some lovely collaborations in our future!

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