Long hot summer just passed me by … the Summer Elements Blog Hop

Today is the reveal date for the Summer Elements Blog Hop, hosted by Toltec Jewels on the Jewel School Friends blog. Now, while it’s winter down here in Australia (and boy oh boy, it’s definitely winter here this week!), the summer has started in the Northern Hemisphere and after the winter they just had, I’m sure it’s welcome! As for me, I’m already wishing it was summer again!

Anyway, the brief for this blog hop was to share something that celebrates a favourite element of summer—Air, Water, Fire, Earth or Spirit. The hop is not restricted to jewellery, it could be  about a jewellery creation, pretty photos, a summer recipe, a campfire song, a craft, family memories, a poem. I thought I would share a couple of things inspired by the summer elements Earth, Water and Spirit.

First of all, summer food! One of my favourite things to do on summer weekends is to get together with friends for an afternoon barbeque, lots of wine, the kids playing cricket or splashing through the sprinklers, lazing the afternoon away. And this salad, from a blog post last year, is a perfect accompaniment. Made using freshly-picked corn and tomatoes from our summer veggie patch, it embodies Earth.


Then there is the music that reminds me of summer, embodying Spirit and evoking an instant mood. The Style Council’s Long Hot Summer takes me straight back to the long summers of my teenage years. The Kinks’ Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon is a classic. And in this dreary Melbourne winter weather, The Mamas and The Papas classic California Dreaming fits my mood, I miss summer!

Still, I can make jewellery that reminds me of the summer, and especially that all important element of Water. This little set, using a seahorse pendant from SlinginMud, reminds me of the beach.

Summer Seahorse Collage

And here are my Tropical Sunset earrings, with lampwork beads by Genschi. Swarovski crystals, and a sweet little silver palm tree bead.


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16 thoughts on “Long hot summer just passed me by … the Summer Elements Blog Hop

  1. Hope your winter flies by so you can enjoy more of that delicious looking salad., while you are wearing those marvelous Tropical Sunset earrings, I might add!

  2. Melissa,

    Fabulous post! Your salad looks absolutely delicious! My spouse is a gourmet chef, and home for his birthday on a rare 4 day mini vacation. When I read Lee’s FB birthday post, it was about making us all yummy organic veggies and cooking wonderful food at home! So, you know what I’m thinking? Oh yeah, I’m showing Lee your delicious salad and looking forward to it! Deliciousness 🙂

    I love your thoughts on the spirit of music.I often wish I could add background music to blog posts; I can hear your songs playing as I read your post– so cool!

    And your jewelry is beautiful and inspired, as always! Love your work, and love what you’ve created in celebration of summer! Your seahorse set is lovely.The sea glass and art beads are beautiful; the blue cording instead of wire makes the ensemble light and summery! I LOVE it!

    I also love ” Tropical Sunset” – the colorway, the fire opal crystal and gorgeous lampwork above and below the palm trees is simple, yet brilliant. You are such a talented artist! I see this view in my backyard: the sunset above my palm trees and below all, our pool, and tonight I’ll think of you in Australia.

    I hope your winter is gentle! Thanks for sharing and making summer beautiful!


  3. What a difference, writing about summer and having winter 🙂 The salad looks delicious, colours of the picture come back in the earrings, nice! The pair with the seahorse is my favourite! Enjoy your next summer…

  4. Your salad looks delicious and the jewelry absolutely lovely. Being in Australia you may want to host a summer celebration blog hop when the season is upon you, and the US/Canada is in the grips of winter. A small pay-back? Without the contrast of winter I think summer would not be so sweet. I enjoyed your post very much 🙂

  5. Ooh your post made me instantly hungry! (Maybe because I’m all rugged up against the winter too and that lush piccie of your rice salad looks so yummy). The music takes me back too. Mmmm to have a sunny afternoon with the Kinks.

  6. Thanks for sharing the recipe I’m always looking for a new salad to try. Sounds yummy. Pretty designs in your jewelry and glad to hear you are up and running on Facebook!!!

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