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Up and coming

I’m taking part in a few artisan-bead blog hops in the near future, one in about a week using Kristi Bowman‘s Wonky Beads, and another in early October with a collections of beads from UK artists Lesley Watts (THEA Elements) and Caroline Dewison (BlueberriBeads). The idea is to feature their beads in some creations to be revealed during the blog hops.

Here are the wonky beads from Kristi — I selected the colourway and she chose a set for me. They are the most delicious colours and because they’re polymer clay, they are very light despite being quite large.


And here are the beads and components I got from Lesley and Caroline’s bag of goodies. Lesley provided a bracelet focal and a pendant , both made from bronze clay. The bracelet focal has been coloured with a deep magenta-pink patina, while the flower has a purple enamel centre. Caroline has provided a selection of ceramic beads, topped off with a heart in a dark chocolate brown.


The ideas are swirling around in my head! Come back next weekend to see what I make with Kristi’s beads in the Wonky Bead Blog Hop, and on October 2nd for the Autumn Design Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Up and coming”

  1. I’m also participating in these same events. I have received my lovely beads from both and have Kristi’s almost ready to go. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes!

  2. I adore the vibrant polymer beads you received. Barbara Bechtel gifted me a huge bag of her beads, and she included ones in the same colors! So beautiful.

    Lesley and Caroline’s goodies are stunning! The combination of beauties sure gets my muse going! I’m still waiting on my package, and can hardly wait! I am so looking forward to the blog hop. Have fun designing! I know what you create will be beautiful 🙂

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