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Tin Roof … Rusted: the 3rd Annual Challenge of Music

Once again, I’m taking part in Erin Prais-Hintz ‘s Annual Challenge of Music. This year, she has set us a new challenge:

Pick a significant year in your life history. Now pick a song to help tell that story. Your playlist is as unique as you are! The music of your past weaves a story that only you can tell. The choices of song will tell us a lot about who you are, where you come from, what is important to you and give great insight.

Create something of your choice – jewelry, accessory or some other artistic representation – that helps us experience this special song. I am opening this challenge up to any artistic interpretation. Whatever way this inspiration moves you, follow its lead!

Well. What year to pick, what song to pick! I had a few ideas, but once again, the beads had their say.

The year was 1990. I had graduated from university, worked for a few months and then packed my bags to move across the word to start grad school at the University of California, Berkeley (go Bears!!). My first year there I decided to live at International House, a fabulous residence for graduate students (and the odd Senior) from all around the world, and their US counterparts who had a foreign connection, whether it was being born abroad, or spending time abroad while at high school or college, or even just more than a passing interest in the world.

Living in the I-House was an amazing experience. I met some wonderful people from all around the world, made some lifelong friends, and started figuring out who I was. But strangely, one of the things that really has stayed with me is the fabulous parties that the residents would throw. That year, I-House had a big group of students who liked to get down and dance the night away, drinking cheap wine, beer and cocktails. And while the recreation rooms had that student residence feel to them, listening to the B52s song Love Shack, which was doing the rounds at that time (well, strictly speaking it was released in 1989, but give me a little artistic license!), takes me right back to those parties.

So here is my little homage to I-House parties, and the ever-danceable Love Shack. I recently acquired one of Heather Powers ‘ Folk Art House beads, which lo and behold, has a rusted tin roof (again with the artistic license!). I cut a little sign out of copper and stamped it with the directions (15 miles to the Love Shaaack!), antiqued it with liver of sulfur and highlighted the stamped words with a dab of Vintaj patina ink in Marble. Then I dangled the house from the sign to complete my focal (that’s one of Rebecca Anderson‘s Deco Rose copper headpins there).

Love shack focal

And I strung them with an eclectic collection of beads that took my fancy (I’m being sneaky here and combining two challenges in one here—I’m playing along with Heather Powers’ Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge and creating something using a bead soup for the second challenge, more to come in a future blog post!). I was trying to get the feeling of a quirky little boho dive, the kind with tatty couches in the corner, maybe some locally-made art on the walls, definitely interesting reading material on the toilet walls, and a small dancefloor with a DJ and a disco ball in the evenings. The drinks are cold, the kitchen has some awesome bar snacks and all my friends are there on a Saturday night!

Tin roof ... rusted collage

Among them are a Gaea dotted heart and dotty bead, a Jennifer Heynen pink swirly bead, the red heart from my Curiosity Club Paintbox kit, a couple of other interesting Czech glass beads and some blue melon beads to tie it all together. The swirly copper clasp (which my photo doesn’t really show well at all) is also from Rebecca Anderson’s Deco Rose collection.

I hope you will join me at the Love Shack sometime. Now, it’s time for you to go and see what the other participants in Erin’s Challenge of Music have come up with! The best way is to click on this link to go to Erin’s reveal page (once it is Saturday in the USA, I’m a bit early here) and look for the InLinkz list at the bottom of the page. I’ll be adding my link as soon as I can.

Thank you Miss Erin for another excellent challenge, it’s been fun!

17 thoughts on “Tin Roof … Rusted: the 3rd Annual Challenge of Music”

  1. Awesome interpretation of the song! I was in high school when that sing was popular – what fun times. The necklace is so fun and I love the copper signs.

  2. A really lovely necklace, the little shack is beautiful and made even more so with the addition of your copper stamped signs!

  3. I love that song too! 🙂 It’s in my head now, and a happy start to a new day.

    What beautiful jewelry! Your sign is adorable, as is the pretty Humblebeads love shack & boho beads with artisan bead touches. I’m back in my favorite coffee house in the 90’s waiting to read my poetry!

    Thank you for sharing your cool experience at Berkely (I was first published there!) and the I-House. Thanks for bringing memories of local artists’ work on the walls of the coffee shop, the great vegetarian snacks we had, the university & learning, our women’s action group (F.I.R.E.), — good times!

  4. As soon as I saw “tin roof…rusted!” that song started playing in my head which just proves the point of this whole challenge…how music can instantly transport us to a moment in time. Great choice and your design is darling!

  5. Love Shack, baby! That is AWESOME! I was in college at the same time at UW-Madison and lived in a sorority house that sounds a lot like the fun you had at I-House (which is a great idea!). That song just brought back so many memories for me! I almost saw them live at Summerfest in Milwaukee, but our little group of friends from college (we called ourselves the ‘Six Pack’) we opted for a different concert. And your sweet little Love Shack house. ADORABLE! I totally want that pendant with the rusted little sign. This is a very fun necklace. Thank you so much for joining in the 3rd Annual Challenge of Music! Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. That is such a fun song and Heather’s bead is perfect for it. I love the bead soup you used. It is also perfect for the song and necklace!

  7. Love it, Love it, Love it! When I was on the pom squad in high school (now they call it the dance team) we often did a routine to this very song. I’m sure many of the school faculty were not so keen on this but we had a lot of fun. Your necklace has such a fun vibe and is perfect for this song.

  8. I love it! That was one of the songs that popped in my head once I started thinking about the challenge. Fun, groovin, colorful — great representation!

  9. Its amazing how a song can bring back so many memories – your post resonates with me, I always have happy thoughts when I hear it! Fabulous design! Love it!

  10. Love that necklace! (Way more than the song, I must confess: first saw it a couple of years ago on VH1 where my sis saw the video and we, well… not our cup of tea…) I especially like how you connected the house bead to the copper plates to create a beautiful pendant.

  11. This is such a fabulous necklace, and I love, love love the story behind it! The pendant piece you’ve created it so fantastic, captures the mood perfectly. And who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Love Shack’? :-0

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