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Ribbons and buttons: The Haberdashery Blog Hop

If you’re looking for the Summer Carnival Blog Hop it is here!

Haby hop button

Welcome to the Haberdashery Blog Hop (my first, how exciting!!!). A bit over a month ago, I challenged my friends in the beading community to incorporate things found in the haberdashery department—buttons, ribbons, bias tape, sequins, lace, zippers and all sorts of other sewing bits and pieces—into their jewellery designs.

And here we are for the big reveal. Did you have fun finding interesting ways to use non-traditional components? I certainly had fun playing, although some things have yet to see the light of day! And I definitely had fun collecting all of these bits and pieces.

My first piece features that gorgeous, and rather large, button you can see in the picture at the top of this post. I bought this button on Etsy a few years ago (from Orit Dotan, a button shop with a great range of new and vintage buttons) because it was just. so. fabulous! I thought about using it as a necklace focal, but ultimately decided to use it in a bracelet so I could see it. But the question was, how would I incorporate it? After lots of browsing Pinterest and the fortuitous discarding of a pair of jeans by my husband I decided to make a denim cuff bracelet to showcase it.

Basically, the cuff is constructed from a piece of the waistband from the upcycled jeans. I added a bit of lace around the edge, and sewed the button onto it. Sadly, I have not yet worked out how to set the press-stud snap thingies in place (I’ve tried but something is not working, so I need to hunt down someone who knows what they are doing!), so it’s a bit of a Work in Progress. I’m also torn as to whether or not to add a bit more bling. Or just leave the button’s fabulosity to speak for itself!


I had enough useable waistband to make another cuff. This time I added a strip of ribbon (part of the Amy Butler collection, isn’t it lovely?) and some blue lace. Again, it’s unfinished as I couldn’t get my sewing machine automatic buttonhole function to work properly.


Here are the two denim cuffs side by side.


Still on a bracelet/ribbon kick, I created a couple of simple bracelets from a nifty lace belting I bought from the Japanese $2 shop Daiso. For the first bracelet, I just attached ribbon ends and a clasp to a length of the ribbon, and voila! A simple bracelet. I got tricky with the second version, attaching some chain to make a wrap bracelet. These were really hard to photograph, as the ribbon is very stiff, so apologies for the dodgy photo!

Wrap bracelets

My next makes are a little more “me”, and incorporate some cute narrow “rouleaux” cording made from Liberty fabric into a necklace. The pendant is from Faith Ann Originals, and the beads are Czech glass. I attached the cord to the necklace and chain with a combination of knots and jump rings.

Liberty floral necklace

There’s a matching pair of earrings too, with a piece of cord tied above the Czech flower bead. You could easily do the same with a scrap of lace or ribbon.


There was so much more I wanted to do. I’m really inspired by Nina Bagley’s wrap bracelet/necklace pieces, which incorporate an eclectic combination of beads and lace and leather and all sorts of bits and pieces, so I’ll keep playing in that direction. I need to spend more time with buttons too.

Anyway, enough of me. It’s time to go and look at everyone else’s stuff! Thanks to everyone who joined in, hope you had as much fun as me!


Melissa Trudinger                                  <– HOSTESS, ME!

Ann Schroeder                                       

Tammy Adams                                      

Amanda Wacasey                                 

Dolores Raml                                         

Divya N                                                   

Michelle McCarthy                               

DiYana Brooks                                       

Robin Kae Reed                                     

Andrea Glick                                          

Karin Grosset Grange                           

Mitzie Crider                                          

Janine Lucas                                           (Will be posting on Sunday)

Rosantia Petkova                                 

Susan Kennedy                                      

Leithleach Alainn Seodra      

Kathleen Breeding                                

Shiraz Biggie                                          

Chris Eisenberg                                     

Heather Richter                                    

Lennis Carrier                                        

Rebecca Anderson                               

Jenny Kyrlach                                         

Rita Toltec Jewels                                 (Will be posting on Sunday)

Mischelle Fanucci                                 

Karen Mitchell                                       

Carol Briody                                           

Karla Morgan                                        

Carolyn Lawson                                    

Lori Anderson                                        

Jami Shipp                                              

Lili Krist                                                   

Evelyn Shelby                                         

Raissa de Guzman                                

Niky Sayers                                            

Keren Panthaki                                      



26 thoughts on “Ribbons and buttons: The Haberdashery Blog Hop”

  1. I love all of your pieces! I wouldn’t have thought some of this would be my style, but I would totally wear all of your pieces. I especially like the second denim bracelet with the colorful ribbon and blue lace! I LOVE that fancy button you used for the hop announcement. I’m glad to see it in action. The earrings are so sweet! And thank you for introducing me to Nina Bagley. Her stuff is great.

    This hop was so much fun, and I really feel like it’s helping to open my mind to more jewelry possibilities. Thank you for thinking of this and creating the Pinterest page.

  2. Your pieces are wonderful! Your denim cuffs are great. And the necklace mixes so many beautiful elements. Thank you for offering us the possibility to explore and discover new materials. You opened new paths for me.

  3. Wow beautiful pieces, I really love the denim cuffs, what a fab idea, and that button looks like treasure!!! Thank you for hosting such a fun hop!

  4. These pieces are fantastic 🙂 I dont think I did justice to the hop when I compare these to what I have made 😦 Regarding the buttons – just get a snap setter (a plastic thingy) that you can keep over the snap button and hammer them with a regular hammer (you need to make a hole in the fabric and fit the snap to its back first) and you can make a buttonhole the old fashioned way – make a slit with an exacto knife, apply some fray check or fabric glue on the slit and once it becomes stiff do a buttonhole embroidery stitch all over – you dont need to depend on your machine for that

  5. I adore what you did with the old jeans. Great repurposing and the brightly colored ribbon and button are wonderful accents. That button is quite the focal. The lace belting cuffs are adorable; I need to look for some of that. The necklace and earrings are divine. The colors and textures and shapes all go so well together. Thanks so much for hostessing such a fun challenge theme!

  6. Cute and charming designs. Those snap setting pliers do not work, btw! Save your money. Thank you for hosting and giving me an excuse to clear off my desk.

  7. Literally – your denim cuff took my breath away! I can see what you’re saying about wanting to add a little more to it, because when it’s not around your wrist – it’s a little empty – but it fits you like a dream and couldn’t be more freakin’ adorable!

    I’m also kinda obsessed with your earrings with the little ribbon – *swoon*

    GREAT JOB and what a FANTASTIC idea!

    – Linda A.

  8. I just love all of your designs! !! They are so pretty! If you find out how to do the snaps, let me know…Lol I don’t how to do them either! Have a Blessed. Day

  9. Oh, wonderful! Everything you created is simply lovely… I honestly don’t think I can pick a favorite. (Maybe one of the denim cuffs? Or the earrings? Or everything!) Thank you so, so much for organizing this hop–I had a great time! 🙂

  10. I love every single piece, Melissa! My favorite is that yummy olive bracelet and those sweet flower earrings! Thank you again for being a fabulous Host!!!! I hope you will do more?…count me in! Hugs!

  11. Hi Melissa, Congratulations on your first blog hop. It appears to be a great success. I like all of your bracelets. My favorite is the one you describe as being more you with the Czech glass, chain, and narrow ribbon. Great job.

  12. Can’t believe I missed out on your fun event, Melissa, but glad it is going so well! I’m participating in the Chicklet blog hop, and I’m finding the results of your hop on many of the pages! It’s just delighttul! Seems like this was a blog hopping weekend! Best wishes to you! ~Sharyl

  13. Hi Melissa, thank you so much for organizing and hosting this blog hop. I love your pieces. What a brilliant idea to use old jeans. Love it. The beautiful button just shines on it.

  14. The denim cuff with the blingy button is certainly my favorite. And I think that even if you decide to add some more sparkle to it, the button will still be the eye catcher! Each of your bracelets has its own character and texture and they will be an interesting addition to many outfits. The necklace is so dynamic and the fabric colors perfectly complement the beads! Thank you for this wonderful blog hop!

  15. Melissa, first I would like to say — thank you for hosting this fun & challenging hop! You did a great job for a first.
    I really like your denim cuffs. Actually you have given me an idea of something I’d like to try. For me, I’d add more bling to the button cuff but only because I like “statements”! It’s already an eye catcher.
    I really like the necklace with the cording you made. The earrings are outstanding with cute little bows to match the necklace. Make a bracelet that matches & you’ve got a fabulous Set! I love sets! It’s one of my downfalls.
    Thanks again. This was such fun. Let’s do it again next year!

  16. I have no idea how I didn’t hear about this blog hop until now.. Bummer! I’m sure it was announces while I was buried under blogs after I stepped away for a but. However, at least I’ve caught up in time for the reveal!! Your pieces are great. I love the cording made from the fabric. It’s so bright and happy-feeling and add so much color to your necklace and earrings. Awesome!

  17. Looking through all your pieces was more fun than a person should ever expect to have! You have such a creative heart and a very unique vision for unconventional materials. All your pieces have direction, purpose and integrity. I particularly like your denim cuffs and the one with the super fabulous button is perfect!!! No more bling needed!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and vision in bringing this event to fruition. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

  18. I actually started hopping from the bottom of the list, so I ended on yours last. I guess you could say great minds think alike LOL! The focal piece on the first piece is fantastic. Great challenge and I’m so glad I got to participate.

  19. Love those Cuffs – especially the Denim, very pretty. Thanks for organising the Hop, I have just got back from my holidays so finally have time, and an internet connection to be able to browse through the hop and comment.

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