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The 6th Annual ABS Ornament Blog Hop

Every year Art Bead Scene hosts a handmade holiday ornament blog hop, and for the past few years I’ve joined in. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it this year, as I have had a really busy couple of months, but I found myself with some time to play today, so I put a handful of very simple ornaments together.

A couple of months ago, Michelle McCarthy from Firefly Design Studio sent me a cute snowman ornament. I found a couple of white lampwork beads with a frosted coating that reminded me of snowballs and knotted them all together.


Ceramic bead and pendant maker Gaea always has a few festive pendants in her collection leading up to Christmas and this year was no exception. I also had a plaid tree she made last year left in my stash, so I pulled them all out. Because Gaea pairs her festive pendants with beads, there is little to do with them other than put them together, so I kept things simple and knotted them on red and green waxed linen.


Finally, I have a stash of crystals that a friend gave me from a chandelier she removed a couple of years ago. I used some of the teardrop-shaped crystals and some Christmassy tartan ribbon to make some simple ornaments. They catch the light beautifully!


To see what others have made, visit the Art Bead Scene blog here, people will be adding their links in the next day or so.


10 thoughts on “The 6th Annual ABS Ornament Blog Hop”

  1. I was just admiring the ornament you sent me, year before last? You’ve sent me many things throughout our friendship but the crystal ornament is one of my favorites. I was blessed to receive a set so I was able to share with my girls so we all have one on our tree! MERRY CHRISTMAS Melissa! ❤

    1. Every year when I decorate my tree I think “Shelley made that, Andrea made that, Rita made that” and so on. It’s a lovely way to remember friends!

  2. Yours is a good example of being creative on deadline! These are lovely and you made them work so well with what you pulled out of your stash.

  3. All delightful! That snowman! Too cute! I have a thing for snowmen. And those ones from Gaea really look like cookies! Thanks for playing along! Enjoy the day! Erin

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