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Twilight’s Dawn, a Jewel of Power — the Sci Fi Blog Hop

Most people who know me well know that I love to read. When I was a kid, it wasn’t unusual for me to read a book, sometimes two, every day. These days it usually takes me several days, occasionally several weeks when life gets busy, to read a book. And my favourite genre is fantasy and science fiction. My husband despairs at all of the books I have precariously stacked in my “library”, not to mention next to the bed. Surely if I’ve read them, I can thoughtfully dispose of them, he suggests. Um, no, sorry!

So when Pam Rachelle, aka the Crazier Sister from The Crazy Creative Corner, suggested a science fiction-themed blog hop, I jumped at the chance to combine two of my interests. But that was months ago, and life has this funny habit of getting in the way. Not only have I pulled this together at the last minute, but I’m a couple of days late! Sorry Pam!

Anyway. I’ve read a lot of science fiction and a lot of fantasy, and I’ve got a list of favourites as long as my arm. But a series I have been devouring recently kept creeping to the top of the list—Anne Bishop ‘s Black Jewels books. I’ve read all of them (there are nine so far, starting with the Black Jewels Trilogy and ending up with a volume of four short stories and novellas called Twilight’s Dawn) in the last couple of months, and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Magic, romance, and a decidedly dark, sensual slant have enthralled me. If you are a lover of fantasy, I’d highly recommend them!

A key element of this series—and probably what has inspired me here the most—is the source of power for the Blood, a race of magic-wielding humans whose strength and position depends on the colour of the jewel they wear. There is a hierarchy of colour ranging from the weakest—White—to the strongest—Black. At the centre of the series is Jaenelle, the Witch-Queen who has been born to cleanse the realms of tainted, twisted power. Her Jewel is Ebony, blacker than black, but she destroys it in the process of removing the taint, and is given another Jewel—Twilight’s Dawn—which appears to display different colours at different times.

And it is this Jewel that kept drawing me back to this series when I was thinking about what I could make. I’ve been combing through my stash looking for a suitable bead I could use, and coming up with nothing. I’d almost decided to try something different. And then, at the last minute, in the local craft store, I came across the perfect bead, a large facetted glass flower, with a reflective coating on the back to create a spectrum of colours playing through it.


As this is a Jewel of Power, used to work magic, I felt it needed to be wearable, rather than an ornate necklace of state. I chose to mount it on a black brass filigree flower (from Fallen Angel Brass), and hung it from a black Vintaj Arte Metal chain, with a deep pink faceted crystal and some smaller lavender crystals highlighting it. The chain is delicately etched, but quite sturdy.


See what I mean about those colours?

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to finally post my pieces for this challenge, and hopefully I’ll get to make some more pieces inspired by my favourite books one of these days.

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