Peacock pearl necklace

At my girls’ primary school, the annual Trivia night is coming up in a few weeks, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to make something for the silent auction that accompanies it. I wanted to make a necklace and after browsing through my magazines and Pinterest boards for inspiration, decided on a multistranded longer necklace.

Last week I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair and picked up a strand of textured freshwater pearls—they have a unique knobbly texture. I combined them with some peacock coloured Czech druk beads interspersed along some peanut shaped brass chain from Vintaj, and a strand of tiny peanut-shaped seed beads in a matte peacock combination. Then I joined them to a Vintaj flower on each side, and added more chain around the back. No clasp as it’s quite a long necklace, especially on little me.

I hope it does its part in raising money for the school!

10 thoughts on “Peacock pearl necklace”

  1. This is really beautiful! And fantastic idea for raising money too. What a great site you’ve created, with lovely ideas……

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