Winners are grinners

I’ve had a pretty lucky run in the last month or two, with my name being pulled out of the hat three times for various things.

First of all, I was fortunate enough to win one of Pearl Blay’s giveaways from her blog The Beading Gem in a redraw when the first recipient did not get back to her. I won $40 to spend at Etsy shop Beadeux, which supplies laser cut blanks for cross-stitched pendants. I chose a rainbow cloud kit, plus a couple of different options for pendants. The kit is great, as it provides embroidery thread and a needle, as well as the suggested pattern, allowing me to get started straight away. I should point out it has been years since I have done any embroidery! But this kit is very straightforward and simple to do and I am already planning what to do with the other blanks. Now, if I could just see to thread the needle!

Beadeux collage

Then I won a draw from Art Bead Scene‘s monthly challenge, which turned out to be two fantastic lampwork beads from The Art of the Bead, Chris Thommen’s shop showcasing both her own and other artists’ beads. The glass donut is by Lea Zinke and the heart is by Susan Elgar.


And finally, I also won a house bead from Tari Sasser of Creative Impressions in Clay for commenting on her recent Art Bead Scene Studio Saturday blog post. Isn’t it sweet?


Thank you very much to all of the blog hosts and donating artists, I will be putting my winnings to good use!

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