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Hoot Hoot

It’s reveal day for the Art Elements February challenge and this month’s theme, chosen by Cathy Spivey Mendola, is Birds of Prey. My bird of prey of choice is the owl, although my owl is definitely on the cute side rather than the formidable side!

I picked out a small owl pendant by Erin Prais-Hintz from my stash, and knotted it up with a selection of Czech glass beads on orange waxed linen, finishing it off with a little brass chain around the back of the neck. It’s a simple piece, but with the blue and orange colour scheme quite striking. The back of the owl is stamped “hoot hoot”, hence the name of the piece.

And at the very last minute while I was putting things away, I found a pair of earring charms from Humblebeads in her faux tin style, with owls (I had been looking for them but they were in a place I didn’t expect to find them!). I love making earrings, they come together so quickly.

Thanks for the theme Cathy, owls are a favourite around here, and even the cute ones are predators. This is a blog hop, so please have a look to see what others have been inspired by the theme to make:













Melissa  <– YOU ARE HERE


Team Members: 













19 thoughts on “Hoot Hoot”

  1. I love these owls. I would wear this necklace all the time! There is everything right about cute owls. I’m so glad you were able to play along with us again!

  2. Melissa, the first necklace is stunning, with those colors that go perfectly together! And I love the earrings, the stylistic square components are fascinating!

  3. The necklace makes for a very happy and cute owl!
    The earrings are very cool. The green and brown beads are perfect in color for the owl components!

  4. The necklace and earrings turned out so lovely! My favorite is the knotted necklace with the bold color combination! You really made it work! šŸ™‚

  5. Those faux tin owls are truly delightful. I love your bold colours and the knotting technique really works well. I like these pieces šŸ˜€

  6. Simple maybe, but definitely striking! That little owl pendant is adorable and I love the beads you selected to go with it. Perfect match! The earrings are so pretty! Thanks for participating in the challenge this month and hope to see you in future challenges!

  7. Love the colors you combined with the owl pendant from Erin – gorgeous.
    I love seeing what people create for earrings – for some reason that is something difficult for us to create. Love them!

  8. First a joyous explosion of color, then dapples woodland palette. Very different, very fun! ( Woodland is my personal fave…) Glad you could join us! Sorry i was a bit late to the hop!

  9. I love the pop of color in the necklace and the earrings are striking! I, too, can’t imagine the cute owls eating prey, ha-ha!

  10. Sorry to be hopping so darn late! I love both your pieces! Those earrings would be in heavy rotation for me. Erin’s little owl is adorable and I like the bold colors to go with him (her?).

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