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An Olympic Challenge


I have to admit I’m a bit of an Olympics tragic. It’s one of the few sporting events that I will actually watch, I love the stories, the athletes and the lack of politics – so refreshing this year when there is so much politics happening all over the world!

Anyway, while I was watching the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics last weekend, I thought it might be fun to host a quick challenge to make something inspired by the 2016 Olympic Games.

Perhaps the Olympic rings inspire you. Or the flags and colours of each country.


Maybe it’s the grace of the athletes, be they gymnasts, swimmers, cyclists, runners or any number of others. Or the medals they win, in gold, silver or bronze.

Is it the ancient history that catches your fancy, perhaps? Olive wreaths were awarded to the athletes in Ancient Greece’s Olympic Games.


Or it could be the vibrance of Rio itself, the blue waters, white beaches, busy city and super colourful people!

Ipanema beach

So here’s the challenge. Sign up by leaving your name and blog address as a comment on this post (or use my email address—find it on the About page —if you have problems leaving a comment). Make a piece of jewellery inspired by the Olympic Games. Post it on your blog on Sunday 28th August, a week after the Games are over. Now go on. Get out there and start training for the Olympic Challenge!


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